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When I think of home, the memories that flash in my mind are the feel of sand beneath my feet, the breeze of fresh air, the touch of Amamma’s old saree and grandfather spectacles. 

My childhood was on the banks of the river Krishna with a quiet but buzzing life in Vijayawada, known for the ornate Kanaka Durga Temple. When I was looking up for names,  I could not think of a better name for my dream venture. Aarna means river, wave.

Hello, My name is Kalyani, a middle-class woman with big dreams. I come from a farming family where I have seen and experienced the rice fields, tobacco barns, corn harvesting.

My father, Y V Rao, was the first person in the family to give up farming and venture out on his own into a small business. I was always curious about the world of business,  interacting with so many people from all walks of life, the transactions, bookkeeping etc. Like everyone else, I was out in the market for a job after my college, and I found one, a pretty good one.

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While working a full-time job, I was also pursuing a bunch of hobbies like painting, beading, knitting, sewing, basically a jack of all and master of none 🙂

My personal fashion sense has always been very simple, practical. I naturally liked everything in silver vs. gold, matt finishing vs. shining.

I love wearing unique silver rings, and over time I collected about 100 silver rings, and I occasionally used to post them on my personal Instagram page. I always dreamt about owning something of my own little establishment, but never knew what it should be, until one day it sparked when someone commented “pp” on my Instagram post, and they are willing to buy. That was my moment. 

I want to bring the beauty of handcrafted products that are made by people. Handmade products come with warmth, creativity, imagination, unique beauty, and sometimes with minor faults.

With this in mind, I have started this dream venture of mine. My entrepreneurial journey has many miles to go, and learning in every step. 

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